Sunday, March 5, 2017

Live Beat 2: Video

Live Beat is a new four level course that keeps teenage students motivated and focused to achieve better learning outcomes. It builds on the successful approach used by the same authors in the best selling Upbeat course.
  • Native English-speaking teenagers in video blogs (vlogs) cover topics that appeal to students’ interests.
  • Videos and animations. Videos and animations are an integral part of the course - there are more than 130 video clips in the course - so you always have material on hand to engage your teenage students.
  • Realistic communicative activities help students to start using their English immediately.
  • A comprehensive testing and assessment package allows teachers and students to track how well they are doing.
  1. London Fashion
  2. My school project
  3. Types of music
  4. Ordering a take  away
  5. London fashion and food
  6. Draw your dream
  7. At the cinema
  8. A TV studio
  9. Relax
  10. A TV studio
  11. My dream job
  12. Free tine acttvties
File size: 164 MB
File type: MP4, doc
Free Download: Here

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