Saturday, February 11, 2017

Practice Makes Perfect: Exploring Writing

Learning to write is a challenging, multiskilled process. Students must learn how to identify, analyze, and develop ideas. They must learn how to compose sentences, build paragraphs, and express ideas within the standards of written English. They must discover their “voice” and learn how to precisely say what they want with fluency, clarity, and energy.
Practice Makes Perfect: Exploring Writing can be a valuable resource for developing writing skills. It can be used by both students and teachers. Students (working alone or with their parents) can work through the exercises and worksheets to improve their writing, while teachers will find the materials of the book to be useful for classroom instruction or to supplement their writing program.
The teaching exercises and worksheets provide students with meaningful writing assignments and activities. They will learn how to find and focus ideas for writing, how to write a draft, how to revise their writing, and how to proofread their work. This book, which is based on the stages of the writing process, will give students the practice they need to acquire the skills for effective composition and to grow as young writers.

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