Monday, November 14, 2016

Topical Grammar Practice 2

The contents of this series of six workbooks closely follow the Primary English syllabus and are organized by grammar topic. Each unit focuses on a specific grammar topic and students are given adequate practice in the use and meaning of that topic. The multiple-choice questions test their grammar knowledge at the sentence level and the cloze exercises at the text level. The chosen text not only illustrate grammar items in context but they are also cross-curricular, informative and even fun.

- Based on grammar topics in the syllabus
- Covers over 35 grammar topics and includes review units
- MCQ and cloze exercises provide practice at sentence and text levels
- Focused and in-context exercises make the learning of grammar meaningful
- Separate Answer Key

Unit 1 Plural Nouns
Unit 2 Uncount Nouns
Unit 3 Quantifiers
Unit 4 Masculine, Feminine and Neutral Nouns
Unit 5 Proper Nouns
Unit 6 The Articles: a, an, the
Unit 7 Adjectives
Unit 8 Positing of Adjectives(before or after nouns)
Unit 9 Comparative Adjectives
Unit 10 Superlative Adjectives
Unit 11 REVIEW(1)
Unit 12 Subject and Object Pronouns
Unit 13 Reflexive Pronouns
Unit 14 Interrogative Pronouns
Unit 15 Possessive Adjectives: The Possessive with ’s
Unit 16 REVIEW(2)
Unit 17 The Simple Present Tense
Unit 18 The Present ContinuousTense
Unit 19 The Simple Present and Present ContinuousTense
Unit 20 The Simple Past Tense: Regular Verbs
Unit 21 The Simple Past Tense: Irregular Verbs
Unit 22 The Past ContinuousTense
Unit 23 Questions in the Past ContinuousTense
Unit 24 The Simple Past and Past ContinuousTense
Unit 25 The Imperative
Unit 26 Talking about the Future: will, shall, be going to
Unit 27 Talking about the Future: will, be going to, the Simple Present Tense
Unit 28 Talking about Ability in the Present
Unit 29 Talking about Ability in the Past
Unit 30 Modal for Asking Permission: may, can, could, should
Unit 31 REVIEW(3)
Unit 32 Prepositions of Time
Unit 33 Prepositions of Place
Unit 34 Adverbs of Manner, Place or Time
Unit 35 Subject and Verb Agreement
Unit 36 Direct and Indirect Objects
Unit 37 Asking Questions
Unit 38 Connectors
Unit 39 Compound Sentences
Unit 40 REVIEW(4)

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