Monday, November 7, 2016

Reading Sketch Up 3: Student's Book

Reading Sketch Up is  a three-level content area reading series designed for beginner students. Throughout this series, learners will build their vocabulary and master a variety of sentence structure patterns. Fun reading passages fully engage learners while captivating images stimulate their imagination. The Reading Sketch series makes students better readers and prepares them for more advanced reading materials.

Unit 01. A Different Culture
Unit 02. It’s Mine!
Unit 03. Our Pretty Classroom!
Unit 04. A Student Meeting
Unit 05. Curious About Food
Unit 06. The Golden Duck
Unit 07. My Best Friend
Unit 08. A Smart Dog
Unit 09. Ann’s Problem
Unit 10. Our Busy Machines
Unit 11. Rabbits in Winter
Unit 12. Emma’s Bad Habit
Unit 13. Jojo’s Story
Unit 14. Animal Moms
Unit 15. A Lesson from Hercules
Unit 16. My Green Family
Unit 17. Jane Goodall
Unit 18. My Family’s New Year’s Day
Unit 19. My Aunt Is Sick
Unit 20. Amazing Rainforests

File size: 99.6 MB
File type: PDF, MP3, doc
Free Download: Here

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