Friday, November 18, 2016

Reading Sketch Starter 1: Student's Book

Reading Sketch Starter is a three-level reading series designed for young readers. This series helps students with a basic understanding of phonics to easily read simple passages. Reading Sketch Starter’s systematically designed curriculum develops students’ reading abilities through the use of fundamental vocabulary and sentence patterns. In addition, the series’ decodable words and high frequency words help students become more confident readers. With Reading Sketch Starter, students will develop their reading comprehension skills, enhance their reading fluency, and most importantly learn to enjoy reading.

1. Pretty Flowers
2. Meet My Family
3. A New Pet
4. Sweet Fruits
5. The Playground
6. Dinnertime
7. A Wonderful Garden
8. My Shape Hunt
9. Thumbelina
10. A Super Boy
11. Bees Are Hard Workers
12. A Birthday Card
13. Playing Dress Up
14. Thank You, Friends!
15. What Is It?
16. That’s Not Fair

File size: 64 MB
File type: PDF, MP3
Free Download: Here

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