Monday, October 10, 2016

2015 Cambridge Research Notes

Contents – February 2015
Item analysis Test construction: The Cambridge English approach Grading and test equating
Determining standards in assessing language ability
Reporting test scores and the Cambridge English Scale
A modern perspective on statistical malpractice detection
Computer-adaptive testing
The role of Quality Management in ensuring accurate and meaningful test scores
The Cambridge English Scale
Studies in Language Testing

May 2015
The English Australia Action Research In ELiCOS Program: Background and rationale
The Action Research In ELiCOS Program: Refining the development of a national model
Incorporating student reading habits
Into a classroom-supported extensive reading program
Motivating students to read extensively
'Only connect': Facebook, reading and student engagement
Students as active protagonists in the reading process: Developing tasks for critical readlng for the EAP classroom
Moodle in the development of independent reading skills for English for Academic Purposes(EAP) students
Studies In Language Testing

August 2015
Professional development through the Cambridge English/English UK ActIon Research Scheme
The effects of an extensIve reading programme
The effects of using correction codes and redrafting on Intermediate students' writing
Using synthetic phonics to Improve listening awareness and accuracy in pre-Intermediate learners
Can learners make realistic peer assessments of oral presentations?
Self-assessment of progress for short-stay students
Creating ePortfolios to facilltate and evidence progress using learning technologies
Reflections on the fIrst year of the Cambridge English/English UK ActIon Research Scheme

November 2015
Continuity and Innovation: Updating FCE and CAE
Stakeholder consultation: Review of FCE and CAE
Revising FCE and CAE Reading tests
Revising the Use of English component In FCE and CAE
Revising FCE and CAE LIstening tests
Seeing the Images with different eyeballs': Using text-based vs picture-based tasks In the revised CAE  Speaking test
Aspects of the revision process for tests of Writing

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