Monday, September 26, 2016

Reading Sketch Up 1: Student's Book

Reading Sketch Up is  a three-level content area reading series designed for beginner students. Throughout this series, learners will build their vocabulary and master a variety of sentence structure patterns. Fun reading passages fully engage learners while captivating images stimulate their imagination. The Reading Sketch series makes students better readers and prepares them for more advanced reading materials.

Unit 01. My School
Unit 02. Cool Braces
Unit 03. My Friend Tommy
Unit 04. Santa's Christmas
Unit 05. Interesting Sea Turtles
Unit 06. Fruit Smoothies
Unit 07. The First Day of School
Unit 08. Ant and Pupa
Unit 09. A Spring Walk
Unit 10. Johnny’s Bath Day
Unit 11. Amazing Water
Unit 12. A Great Idea
Unit 13. A Nice Fall Day
Unit 14. On the Apple Farm
Unit 15. Where Do Animals Live?
Unit 16. A Yard Sale
Unit 17. A New Life for Old Paper
Unit 18. What to Wear Today
Unit 19. The Quiet House
Unit 20. Special Markets
File size: 85.74 MB
File type: PDF, DOCX, MP3
Free Download: Here

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