Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Everyone,Speak! Kids 2: Student Book

Everyone, Speak! Kids is a three-level speaking series designed for lowbeginner students. With Everyone, Speak! Kids , students develop speaking skills through show and tell presentations and hands-on activities. This series’ cheerful songs and chants, and attractive illustrations capture students’ attention. Speciallydesigned games and activities allow students to gain speaking confidence and interact with their peers in fun and interesting ways. Focusing on basic key words and expressions, with Everyone, Speak! Kids students take their first steps toward becoming strong English speakers.

1. High frequency key words and expressions build speaking fluency
2. Show and tell presentations improve students’ public speaking skills
3. Lively hands-on activities make learning how to speak English enjoyable
4. Fun and challenging speaking tasks allow students to gain speaking confidence
5. Cheerful songs and chants familiarize students with basic key words and expressions
6. Interesting cartoons introduce conversations and role-play situations
Unit 1 How are you?
Unit 2 How's the weather?
Unit 3 Does he have glue?
Unit 4 Review - Show and tell : Ginger goes to school
Unit 5 Can you play the piano?
Unit 6 What sport do you like?
Unit 7 I like to take photos.
Unit 8 Review - Show and tell : My new pen pal
Unit 9 He's in the Kitchen.
Unit 10 He's very tall.
Unit 11 She's wearing a dress.
Unit 12 Review - Show and tell : Lisa's house

Supplementary Material
Review Test 1,2,3
File size: 80.352 MB
File type: PDF, MP3

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