Thursday, January 7, 2016

Oral English Communication 1

The approach considers knowledge skills alone are not the most important, but the use made of them in specific situations of personal, social and professional life. Thus, the skills require a solid base of knowledge and certain skills, which are integrated for the same purpose in a given context
This module Learning the subject Oral English Communication 1 is a tool of utmost importance, which will facilitate your development as a visionary person, competent and innovative characteristics that set the  objectives  of the  Comprehensive  Reform  of  School   Education  is  currently  being implemented at the national level.

The Learning Module is one of the teaching aids that Bachelors School offers intended to be consistent with the new times, new educational policies, in addition to demanding scenarios local, national and international; the module. A teaching sequence is a set of activities organized in three stages: initiation, development and closing. In the beginning, it will develop activities that allow you to identify and retrieve the experiences, knowledge, the preconceptions and knowledge you've gained through your training that will help them deal with facility theme that presents in development, where you will realize activities that introduce new knowledge giving you the opportunity to contextualize them in situations of everyday life, and make your learning meaningful.

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