Sunday, December 27, 2015

Learning: 25 Learning Techniques for Accelerated Learning - Learn Faster by 300%

Is learning a drag? Does studying make you anxious and frustrated? Do you ever wish you could just pick things up faster? No matter how hard you study, the truth is, you won't realize your potential without the right methods.
Learning 300% Faster: 25 Learning Techniques of Accelerated Learning Masters will teach you:

• 8 strategies and mindsets of the world's fastest learners
• 10 advanced skill-acquisition techniques
• 9 world-championship memory techniques
• And much more!

Discover how to use the journey memory method, even building a memory palace, how to quickly memorize vocabulary in any language, how to deconstruct a skill and identify the most important parts to focus on, how to sequence, use mind maps and NLP modeling, and how to adopt the mindset of learning champions.

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