Monday, March 9, 2015

Reading Tree: Stage 2: First Phonics Talking Stories CD-ROM

Each page of the Stage 2 First Phonics Stories is presented on screen. The child is able to move through each story on screen by clicking on a button using the mouse. Roderick Hunt's text is narrated either as a whole page, individual sentence or individual word depending on choice, with each word being highlighted individually as narrated. On every page Alex Brychta's illustrations have a lively animation and sound effect.

In addition to the six First Phonics Talking Stories and their individual activities, there are three lively new Phonics Fun activities: Bingo, Chip's Letter Boxes and Jigsaw. These are accessed via a separate menu and with their own set of comprehensively variable Teacher Options. Each activity has two levels of difficulty and uses a variety of words and pictures.

  • Six Oxford Reading Tree First Phonics stories plus fun phonics activities for each story on CD-ROM
  • An exciting and motivating way to practise phonics in a familiar Oxford Reading Tree setting
  • With Write, Read and Listen Activities specifically designed for each title
  • Supporting ICT in the classroom and includes variable Teacher Options setups
  • Including a comprehensive User Guide with each CD-ROM
  • Also available with an Unlimited User Licence
Talking Stories, First Phonics, Stage 2, includes
The Big Egg
A Present for Mum
The Hole in the Sand
In a Bit
Poor Floppy
Put It Back
Three Fun Phonics Activities
Chip's Letter Boxes
File size: 85,3 MB  
File type: EXE
free download: Here

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