Thursday, March 12, 2015

Grammar for Fiction Writers: A Busy Writer's Guide

This book is specifically for fiction writers. The world of grammar is huge, but not everything applies to someone who's writing a novel or short story. In fact, some of the rules you were taught in your high school or college/university English class will actually hurt your fiction writing, not help it.
Like all the books in the Busy Writer's Guides series. Grammar for Fiction Writers is fluff-free. It won't teach you things you don't need to know. The focus is on teaching you the punctuation and grammar that are relevant to you as a fiction writer. While some elements are universally needed by writers (and are included), others are especially important for fiction writers (and have been given their own sections), and still others don't matter for fiction writers at all (and, as such, aren't in this book). The purpose of grammar for fiction writers is making your writing clearer and more interesting for your readers.

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