Tuesday, July 23, 2013

SURFING SAFELY.COM (An Internet Safety Tale)

The internet can be an amazing adventure but sometimes dangers lurk. Becky, also known as Busy B., chats with her cousin Z-man in this educational story about surfing the world wide web. Becky has some words of wisdom for Zach because, as we all know, "the internet is full of strangers". She points out to Zach that he should never give out personal information to anyone he doesn't know, that he should not open e-mails from strangers and not download stuff without permission. She also reminds him that anyone can pretend that they are a kid having fun on the internet.

This instructional and entertaining book is aimed at children rather than adults (but adults can use it, too!). Its comic book style makes it a fun way for kids to learn about internet safety.
A teacher's guide with worksheets is included.

File size: 1,9 MB 

File type: (PDF, SWF)

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