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Penguin English Tests Book 2 & 3 (Jake Allsop)

Each book of the Penguin English Tests covers the equivalent of 50 hours' teaching. There are ten tests in each book; nine of them are carefully graded into three levels of difficulty and record the student's progress within each level, while the tenth test in each book is a Review Test, covering the whole range of work at that level. Each test consists of 40 items dealing with key areas of grammar, phonology, vocabulary and usage.
Each test is designed to be administered in 35-40 minutes.
The tests include some new ideas for assessing language competence, and are intended to stimulate and interest the students at the same time as measuring their progress. The tests have been thoroughly pre-tested on both single and mixed language groups. Each book contains an Inventory of Language Items, together with a Distribution List of Items, making it easier for the teacher to use the tests for diagnostic purposes.

Purpose of the tests
These multiple-choice tests are designed to assess students' progress during courses of study from beginner up to the end of intermediate level. The language items are derived from an analysis of the common core of items to be found in widely used coursebooks, including Penguin's Way Ahead, Cassell's Foundation English, Longman's Kernel series, Streamline and the Strategies series. This battery of tests has been produced for a wide range of situations and has been field-tested, so that, we hope, it will serve your needs, given that no tests will fit every situation exactly.
Each book in the series contains ten tests of forty items each. Within each book there are three levels of language difficulty and three alternative or parallel tests for each level. The tenth test in each book, called the Review Test, is designed to function as an achievement test, and contains a range of language items from the other nine tests and a few at a level slightly beyond the level of the book.

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