Friday, May 17, 2013

SCOTT FORESMAN – Leveled Science Readers (Grade 1)

Content leveled readers teach science concepts, vocabulary, and reading skills – at each student’s reading level – and allow students to read and explore the wonders of nonfiction. Leveled science readers deliver science content to help address the individual needs of all students. They reinforce reading skills and strategies while promoting science understanding.

These leveled science readers are not included in the leveled readers series already posted.
Kindergarten leveled science reader pdfs have six double pages, and grade 1 leveled science reader pdfs have ten double pages. Each reader is a richly illustrated, self-contained little book.

NB: The pdf files come with embedded audio, ie, you only have to click the loudspeaker symbol to have the text read to you!

File size: 60 MB
File type: PDF (28 Books)

with embedded audio

free download: Here OR Here

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