Wednesday, May 22, 2013

English for Business Life Elementary: Self-study Guide with CD

This Self-study guide can be used:
• as a stand alone self-study course
• in class to supplement English for Business Life coursework
• for homework
• as a key component of the 'comprehensive' study
track (the  English for Business Life course has three study tracks: fast, standard and com prehensive)
• as practice m aterial for learners who are following general English courses and need practice in everyday business English. Each unit begins with a recorded summary of useful phrases and includes:
• clear study notes
• realistic practice exercises.
At the back of the Guide are:
• an easy-to-follow language Reference Section
• a Glossary of key business-related terms
• clear answ ers and audio text to support the practice exercises.
The recorded material is available on a CD which is included with the book. The recordings include standard accents and examples of people from different
parts of the world speaking English. The common contracted forms used in real business communication
(I'm, isn't, won't, etc.) are demonstrated in the exercises. For details of the m ain contractions in this
Guide, see the note on page 96


File size: 5,6 MB
File type: PDF 

free download PDF: Here OR Here



File size: 56 MB
File type: MP3 

free download MP3: Here OR Here

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