Friday, April 12, 2013

Understanding Spoken English 2 - Audio CD Two

'Understanding Spoken English Book 2' MP3 audio.
a focus on everyday language in context

 The 'Understanding Spoken English - a focus on everyday language in context' series (3 eBooks) is an excellent English learning resource designed to help students of English to understand spoken language as it is encountered in everyday business and social situations in English speaking environments around the world. In addition to helping students to discover the meaning of many widely used everyday expressions, this English learning resource provides valuable information about the social and business conventions of spoken English such as, changing the topic of conversation, agreeing and disagreeing politely, checking meaning, giving feedback and making 'small talk'. Features of English pronunciation are also examined within the context of complete conversations.

MP3 audio track titles are:

 1 A Telephone Conversation
2 Talking about Study Problems
3 Talking about Employment
4 Technology and Business
5 A New Adventure - Making Decisions
6 Talking about the Past
7 Asking for Directions
8 Future Plans and Possibilities
9 Having Dinner with Friends

File size: 18 MB
File type: wma (Audio)

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