Friday, March 1, 2013

10-Minute Home Repairs: More Than 200 Fast, Effective Fixes You Can Do Yourself

An indispensable guide for home owners and renters alike, this handy little book will show you how to put on a new toilet seat, change an air filter, unclog a drain, caulk a sink, patch a hole in the wall, change a lock, replace washer hoses, stop floor creaks and hinge shrieks, level an appliance, and more than 190 other quick fixes that every home eventually needs. Learn the pros' secrets for fast, lasting repairs; the tools of the trade; emergency solutions using stuff you already have around the house; when to call in a pro; and finishing tricks that will make your friends think you've spent a bundle when it just took a little know-how. Things break; things get old; things wear out. Stop ignoring them and start feeling proud of your hous (and yourself) with this handy book for the aspiring handyman and handywoman.

size: 2.5 MB
type: PDF

free download PDF: Here OR Here 

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