Saturday, February 23, 2013

A Guide to Better Punctuation

"I hope that all those who use this workbook will be enabled to punctuate their own written work with just such insight and confidence. I hope also that they will discover that they read the carefully written work of others with increased pleasure and understanding.This workbook is intended for class use and for individual study. The practice exercises are designed to enable all students to score high marks if they apply the straightforward guidelines embodied in the text. There is a full explanation of each point, and exercises are set at each stage to reinforce the reader's understanding.There is a logical progression from one unit to the next but I have made each unit as self-contained as possible so that students can be directed towards a particular unit if they are persistently making errors in the use of a particular punctuation mark. (Answers to the exercises are given at the back of the book for the benefit of those who are studying on their own.)"

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